2015-16: Year In Review

Student 3D Printing Project

For professional development at school we are being asked to compile a professional portfolio of our activities. Since (clearly), I already have a portfolio, I have added an additional page which focuses on my growth for this school year. 

Please click here, or see "2015-2016" on the menu bar above for more information! Enjoy!


Hello Mozambique!

Phew!  School has started at my new job - MYP Design and Technology at the American International School of Mozambique. I am thrilled to start this new adventure!


Goodbye Prague!

New adventures are always bitter-sweet. And at this time of the year, the bitter seems a lot more immediate than the sweet to come.

The beautiful city of Prague is easy to love, and to get comfortable in, but being comfortable doesn't seem to be in my nature.

So, thank you to my hardworking and talented colleagues, and to a school which allowed me the freedom to pursue my new path. You will be missed.

Thank you, especially, to the much smaller group of people who were my true friends in this city. No fear! We will see each other again!

Keep in touch, you'll always find my most current info here!


IB Certified, Part Deux


IB Certified!

I just got my certificate for IB Design Technology (Diploma Program, Category 1). The course was excellent, but and really dug into the nitty-gritty of the new (first assessment 2016) curriculum. They worked us hard - the "15 hours" is no joke!


I'm registered (and paid!) to do my MYP Design Technology in February. Can't wait!