American International School of Mozambique
Goals, Achievments and Milestones

2016-17 Goals

  • Inline with school goals, to further develop and refine my skills and strategies related to differentiation in instruction and assessment.
  • To take leadership in, and work hard to support my colleagues as our school hosts the annual ISSEA STEM Festival for Southeast African international schools. This will include organzing and running the robotics tournament portion of the event, among numerous other responsibilities.
  • To further develop afterschool activities related to design and technology, including the evolution of the robotics program and the development of an Makerspace.


2015-16 Goals

  • Develop a complete set of MYP Unit Plans for each grade that I teach, fully aligned with the MYP expectations, and including the Real World Contexts and TSC related to our division goal 
  • Develop and refine my classroom management skills, and develop several new management strategies, after several years out of the classroom. 
  • To make significant and measurable contributions towards the school community outside of the classroom, particularly technology-related after-school activities. 

Achievements and Milestones:


 Grade Six/MYP 1: Animating with Open Source Software (Highlight Video)


Achievements and Milestones:

School Community Contributions

  • "My Special Place" Presentation to Kindergarten Classes featuring Google Earth Tours

  • Week-long morning “Popup Gallery” of Student 3D Printing.

  • Teaching extra dedicated robotics elective for a late-arrival senior during my prep periods.

  • Hosted Grade Five Classes with specical presentations during Engineering Week

  • AISM ISSEA STEM Rep, Lead Coach for STEM Festival Team (Including, in addition to coaching duties, a huge amount of time aquiring materials and building the competition game board, as well as  coordinating with the Athletics Director and other colleagues).
  • Planning Committee for 2017 STEM Festival (Including designing a proposal for rule changes and 2017 robot game.)

  • Three consecutive sessions of afterschool robotics activities
  • Lead teacher for Digital Literacy Sessions for multiple sessions and grade levels, as well as extra evening session for parents.   
  • Technology Support for students and teachers exploring 3D printing. (In particular, supporting other Design Teachers with full grade-levels of projects).

  • Provided extra instruction and support for high school film classes with animation activities.

  • DJ for several PTA events, including a full-day committment DJing and MCing the Mayfair Festival.

  • Put in considerable extra personal time into Service Learning - including overseeing the repair and restoration of dozens of broken chairs for Dambo Mafalala school.