I believe I bring a unique and diverse set of skills that adds value to a school in many ways that extend beyond the walls of my classroom or office.

Primary Skill Set

Design Technology

Please check out the Design Technology section of this site for much more information.

The recent evolution of digital design and manufacturing has brought my unique set of skills to the forefront of modern Design Technology. I believe that these digital tools - including free-to-use open-source software, provide an opportunity for a robust design program without the need for expensive purpose-built facilities and loud, messy, and dangerous equipment you might find in a traditional wood or metal shop.  

Any school with the will, a modest budget, and a fairly standard classroom can make Design Technology work using modern digital tools. 

Educational Technology

Please check out the Educational Technology section of this site for much more information.

I consider myself an international leader in the area of technology integration.

From the first day of my teaching career, and in every school I have worked, I have held a technology leadership position. In the Durham District School Board, one of the largest and most progressive school districts in Canada, I was recognized as part of a core group of classroom teachers demonstrating leadership in technology, and preparing technology presentations and training for teachers district-wide was an important part of my professional life. In 1998, I was nominated for the National Technology Innovation Awards for the development of an exceptional school community website.

Based my experience in Canada, I was hired as a full-time Technology Integration Specialist at the American School of Guatemala. I spent three years as the Digital Learning Specialist at the International School of Prague, managing a 1-1 laptop program, among many other interests and responsibilities.

I am an active blogger, with an extended professional learning network on Twitter and elsewhere.


Secondary Skill Set

Training and Staff Development

I take a lot of pride in being a top-notch presenter, and I have a long and diverse track record in this area.  I have taught technology classes for teachers at the Durham District School Board, served as a Mentor and Host teacher for the York University teacher education program, and have prepared many presentations, workshops and lectures covering a diverse range of topics. A significant part of my responsibilities in both Guatemala and Prague were related to staff training and development.

Web, Multimedia & Graphic Design

I often lend my graphic design skills to colleagues, school groups or for special events. I've designed and produced club and event logos, websites, stickers, t-shirts, business cards and lots of other things. I have taught teachers and students Photoshop and other multimedia tools in both classroom and extra-curricular settings.

Public Speaking, Debate and Model United Nations

I have participated in various levels and types of public speaking and debate competitions (including national, North American and World Championships in my university days) and also as a club supervisor and coach. I am also an experienced Model United Nations coach for teams competing in international events, including the largest Central American event in Panama City, as well as at Harvard University.

Audio Visual, DJing and VJing

In my spare time, I like to DJ (I collect rare funk and soul), work with video, and play music.  I enjoy contributing entertainment, whether at official school events, or staff parties on the weekend.  My experience in this area inevitably leads to providing lots of tech support, whether officially or unofficially, for assemblies, talent shows, school plays and other events.